VMSG’s Surgicenter is a custom-designed, cutting edge facility, staffed by leaders in the field of veterinary surgery. VMSG performs surgeries ranging from elective surgery for sports medicine patients, to total hip replacement and open heart surgery. Surgeries are performed using the most advanced technology available, with a fully trained support staff available to surgical patients. The VMSG surgeons are world renown in their areas of expertise, and lecture regularly internationally. Once surgical patients are out of surgery, they are transferred to the state of the art ICU where they are monitored in a fully staffed critical care department under board-certified emergency and critical care specialists. Your pet’s comfort and health is our priority.

The VMSG Surgicenter provides a wide range of specialized surgical procedures, including trauma surgery, total hip replacement, arthroscopy, and other minimally invasive procedures. The Surgicenter is equipped with cutting-edge surgical instrumentation and equipment, including laminar flow operating suites and digital video arthroscopy units.