Nick Russell


Nick Russell, BVSc, Diplomate ACVIM, is a veterinary cardiologist at Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group (VMSG) in Ventura. 

It is easy to see that board certified veterinary cardiologist Nick Russell, BVSc, MVS, FANZCVS, DACVIM has a lot of credentials after his name – a sure sign of his extensive training and expertise. What you can’t see is immeasurable – his compassion and gentleness. It is Dr. Russell’s expertise combined with his filled-with-heart nature that makes his presence at VMSG so welcomed and valuable.

With VMSG’s state-of-the-art advanced diagnostic equipment, Dr. Russell is able to extend the lives of patients through diagnostic tests and procedures such as echocardiography, electrocardiography, and 24-hour ambulatory ECG monitoring. VMSG hand picked Dr. Russell – and Dr. Russell hand picked VMSG – to form a collaborative partnership to assure out patients that every source is available to help our pets live a long and healthy life. Nick Russell can be seen on his days off running, participating in triathlons, and hitting the tennis court.

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