Consistently Delivering Exceptional Pet Care…

Dear Dr. Alice, Roni and Pamela,

testimonial-01WOWSER and AMAZING are the by words of the day with our BUDDY.!!! Thanks to “TEAM BUDDY” & “WE LOVE BUDDY Fan Club” and their Prayers, fantastic skills and overwhelming support… our BUDDY has 100% of his mobility, balance, speed and muscle tone back now.

At the 3 week post surgical visit with Dr. Bruecker, he also was amazed that BUDDY is doing so well so quickly and said that he did not need another follow up appointment. We are all in awe of BUD’s eagerness to master all of the Physical Therapy exercises that Pamela suggested which has proved to be so helpful in his recovery,

We are following Dr. Bruecker’s advice, no neck leads and encouraging BUDDY to be himself and have only modified his activities to not jump or put strain on his spine. As Doc strongly suggested, Joe did purchase a very sturdy “ramp” to use to enter and exit his SUV safely. While in training on the ramp here at “camp g’ma & g’pa”, we placed it near the porch steps so BUDDY could get accustomed to using it. As a rule, he does not like change… but it did not take much effort to have him try the new ramp, with the help of a few tiny kibbles at first. Now, he runs down and up that ramp in turbo speed like an expert to go out to potty. Which I might add, he is so stable on his regained muscles on all four legs that he does not hesitate in lifting his leg to get the job done… with perfect balance.!!! Hooray.!!! .

Enclosed are 2 photo’s during play in the backyard. Returning the tennis ball to g’pa in their fetch game and the other awaiting the next grounder to chase and retrieve…Our BUDDY is most attentive and focused in his anticipation to continue the ball game. That one you can see his strong muscles flexing. 🙂 We are so proud and thankful for our Baby Boy BUDDY’s excellent recovery. Thanks be to GOD and all of our “TEAM BUDDY”… 🙂

Sincerely, T.C.
aka BUDDY’s g’ma, and avid member of the “WE LOVE BUDDY Fan Club” and “TEAM BUDDY”

Dear Dr. Alice and Roni,

Happy Monday to you. Enclosed is BUDDY’s hair re-growth picture story… as you can see his new coat is almost complete now. The BIOTIN is really working super well. All of his hair is very soft too, it feels so strong and healthy, an extra bonus using BIOTIN.

BUDDY is doing excellent… we do try to keep his physical activities within the safe range as Dr. Bruecker suggested, but I must admit that he really is VERY active, back to 100% and wants to do everything again with his daily curious adventures… We limit his fetch game to “grounders” and try hard to discourage leaping or jumping and he is so fast that he often gets to the target before the ball reaches the zone with his turbo speed. He seldom “walks”, he’d much rather proudly show his bouncy “trot” or “gallop” on sturdy, all four legs equally with perfect balance. We truly are so thankful and aware that God has Blessed us all with his precious healing gifts.

Sincerely, T.C.
aka BUDDY’s g’ma, and avid member of the “WE LOVE BUDDY Fan Club” and “TEAM BUDDY”

I cannot say enough about VMSG. From the moment you walk thru their front doors you will know you are in a very special place. From the care that is put into the waiting room for the dogs to have beds and water bowls to the front desk staff who are just the nicest gals. I have been going to VMSG for years now. Dr. Theresa Ortega is my pets internal medicine Dr and she is just wonderful!!! Her knowledge, her kindness and her incredible devotion to your pet is sooo appreciated. She calls you on her day off and leaves her CELL phone number for you to call her back. Now who does that now a days?? Not even my own MD

Then we have Dr Kenneth Bruecker. This man in the Best of the Best!!! He is an incredibly talented surgeon and I am soo fortunate to have had him as Jewels Doctor. On 2 occasions now he has done surgery on my pup and done amazing work. She tore her cruciate ligament and could barely walk. After his surgery on her back leg and her recovery, she now walks 2 miles each morning with me and is loving it..Dr Bruecker totally brought quality back into her life and we will always be grateful to him.

I am soo grateful that my Vet sent me to this Specialty Group as their knowledge and service is second to none!!! If you have a pet in need of special care, I encourage you to ask you Veterinarian for a referral to these people. You will be glad you did!!!!

Helene & Jewel Keddington

Doctors, Technicians and Staff:

Hello from Bitsy!! She is doing fabulous, almost 100%. Your doctors, techs and staff at VMSG are simply amazing. From the time we walked in with Bitsy till the day we left with her our family, we knew she was in excellent hands. While hospitalized your doctors phoned us daily and kept us apprised of her condition and prognosis. You kept our family and Bitsy at ease during this difficult time. We cannot convey in words how much our Bitsy means to us. Our family will recommend VMSG to all of our animal lover friends. You actually have a strong following in the Bakersfield as well as Ventura area. Many of our friends have brought their pets to VMSG and all have great stories to tell. So celebrate VMSG, your staff is the very BEST. Take care and God Bless.

The Ward Family

Dear Dr Bruecker,

Jack and I want to thank you for getting Tinker to walk again. The sphincter medication (phenylpropanolamine) has helped about 50%. We have been so blessed to have had Pamela Dilley as her therapist. She is so thorough and compassionate and has really helped Tinker improve. Tinker can walk very slowly but breaks into a hop with her back legs at a normal pace. My next plan is to start her walking on my treadmill very slowly to see if I can strengthen her back legs. We are so grateful to all of you that we still have her.

Dear Dr. Ortega, Dr. Bonadio, and the entire staff of VMSG,

There truly are no comprehensible words that can express our feeling of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation. I wish there was a way for all of you to truly feel how we do. That feeling is the most intense gratefulness we have ever experienced. Papi Chulo is utterly thankful too. We thank you all for everything you do. It is because of people like you that we get one last chance with our “best friend”. Papi has given us both so much. So, it was only fair that we give him the best chance possible. I am so glad that there are people like you, with so much knowledge, compassion, understanding, and patience. It is because of all those things that you so beautifully exhibit that we were able to get through this hard time and find some level of comfort. I have to say that your urgency to help Papi was an extremely touching act for me to witness. I knew that when you guys took him from me so fast to put him in oxygen; that he was in the best hands. It was that urgency, overall care and communication that made Sunday a little easier to deal with. The feeling of being able to give your dog the best chance possible is a relief in itself. Taking him to VMSG only reassured that feeling of relief. Your team at VMSG made Papi comfortable which made us more comfortable. You should all know that every time we look at Papi we think of the incredible people (of VMSG) that have made it possible for him to be here with us right now. We are forever thankful.

We will always think of all of you with a glad and grateful heart. Papi is our child. We have so many plans that include him. Because o you and your team, Papi now has the best chance possible to do those things with us. We know that the bond between a man and his dog is so strong and undeniable. There really is not a sufficient way to express what Papi means to us. However, Papi Chulo was given to me when he was barely 4 weeks old. His mother had passed away and Papi needed some serious attention. I bottle fed him and brought him everywhere with me. The bond was made through all the hard times and all the good times. He has given me so much, as sometimes only a dog can do. My fiancé came into our life when Papi was about two years old. Naturally Papi was protective of me and he was a little hesitant to let a man into my life. Well, that did not last long. Josh, Papi Chulo and I have made a family together. We all cherish it and do whatever we can to keep our family strong and happy. So, when Papi started showing signs that he was not okay, we panicked. Naturally we went to our vet. They did everything they could possibly do for him, including sending us to your facility. We want you all to know that my veterinarian assured us that if Papi had a chance that we needed to bring him to VMSG. Thank god money was not a factor in getting him the care that he so deservingly needed. We are so grateful that we were able to get him such extraordinary care. They say you cannot buy love or happiness or even relief, but that is not true when it comes to the care and service you provide. Last Sunday, I literally purchased relief knowing he was in your care, happiness when I brought him home, and love when you placed him in my arms and he kissed me ever so softly as he wagged his tail. I know you guys could not see it at the time but my tail was wagging too. Papi is our everything. We appreciate all the hard work you guys have done to provide such impressive care and service. Papi has done so much for us that it was only right and fair to do the right and fair thing for him. The right and fair thing was bringing him to VMSG. Thank you and us hope that each and every single one of you know how important you are to us. We know that anyone who knows you guys can say that they appreciate the sacrifices that you make for our animals. Thank you.

Respectfully yours, Summer Matthes & Josh Martin

Thank you VMSG Staff!!

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful care and concern before, during and after my surgery! My Mom appreciated your regular phone calls and check-ups. I am currently attending physical therapy sessions to regain my strength. I look forward to returning to Dog Beach and swimming at the jetty soon! My funny haircut is growing out – though, it is good for a bit of sympathy from the neighbors. I do not understand why I have to wear this harness and look forward to my future off-leash fun!

Thank you again for all your love and care, Charly

Today marks the 2-year anniversary of Vanessa’s bone cancer diagnosis. I remember that Saturday afternoon 2 years ago looking at x-rays with Dr. Jill like it was yesterday. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but a very rewarding one all the same. We are so grateful to be able to share this milestone with our beloved Vanessa. We celebrated with McDonald’s double cheeseburgers, a favorite of Vanessa’s.

Stuart and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you. When we got the diagnosis, we promised Vanessa that we would stand by her side and fight this for as long as she wanted to. I knew that Vanessa was a tough girl – she raised 4 litters after all – but I had no idea just how tough she was until she met bone cancer head on. Her incredible spirit and determination to live and live well, despite some difficult medical challenges amazes me. I also know that we had more than our fair share of “good luck” tossed in as well. But, even with Vanessa’s determination and a bunch of good luck, we would not be here today without our awesome veterinary team.

In no particular order…

  • We’d like to thank Dr. Jill and Dr. Jan and the entire staff at Buena Animal Hospital.
  • We’d like to thank Dr. Bruecker and Dr. Bentley and the entire orthopedic staff at Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group.
  • We’d like to thank Dr. Ayl and the entire oncology staff at Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group.
  • We’d like to thank Dr. Ortega and Dr. Deppe and the entire internal medicine staff at Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group.
  • We’d like to thank the VMSG liaisons – Tracy, Michelle, Natalie, and Kylie – for all they have done for us.
  • We’d like to thank Pamela and Roxanne at VMSG for all they have done for us.
  • From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much for helping Vanessa beat the odds and be a 2-Year Osteosarcoma Survivor!

Please pass our thanks along to those folks who were not included in the email addressee list. We really appreciate each and every one of you.

Cindy Stratton

Dear Dr. Holsworth and the VMSG Staff,

I just wanted to thank you all so much for the great care you provided to Bubba. It has been 3 months since I brought him to your office, unable to bear much weight on his left rear leg. Other than a couple places where his hair hasn’t fully grown back, you can’t even tell there was ever a problem!

I had been through torn CCLs before with my other dog and Dr. Holsworth had to talk me into the TPLO surgery, I was sure I wanted TTA. His expertise and wonderful bedside manner convinced me TPLO was the way to go for Bubba. I put my trust in him and couldn’t be happier!!

I am so pleased with the care and concern that was given to us during a difficult time from the entire VMSG staff. I can’t thank you all enough!

Best wishes, Lynn Treloar

Dear Dr. Bruecker,

You performed surgery on my dog Jackie’s leg. It has been exactly twelve weeks since her surgery and I wish you could see her today! She is such a happy, playful, and active little girl!! I never realized that Jackie liked to play so much. Now she’s always running around with my other dog, Parker (who she did not like before). Amazingly, I can now walk both my dogs together! Jackie keeps up really well, even on long walks. It is so incredible to see this transformation. I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am for what you’ve done. From the day of our consultation to our last check-up, you and your staff have been kind, caring, and excellent at what you do! Thank you so much for taking the time to explore all the options for Jackie. I truly appreciate all the time you spent with us during the first visit and am thrilled with the results. VMSG is an exceptional facility!

Warm regards, Linda Anabtawi

Dear Doctors,

Thank you so, so much for bringing my Marlee back from the brink. I can’t thank all of you enough for what you did to take care of Marlee and me. First, thanks to Dr. Perkins for so thoroughly and patiently and empathetically getting all the necessary information from me to ensure the proper diagnosis and for getting her going on her treatment. Dr. Hervatic: I did not get to meet you, but the call I received from you after Marlee’s first night – just knowing she had survived – was so appreciated. I know you were there all night making sure that she progressed.

Dr. Scott – thanks so much for the thorough and thoughtful discussion about what was going on with Marlee, what I could expect, what might have been the source of her problems, and your concern. Dr. Kogan, I guess I got to see you the most, and so did Marlee, who really loved you. I am sure that your presence every day she was at VMSG made all the difference. I was amazed when I got to walk her on one of my visits after she was getting better that she zoomed back into her cage! She usually wants to run out of the vets! Dr. Chow, thanks for taking over for Dr. Scott to make sure Marlee was out of the woods and getting ready to come home.

I also hope you will pass on to your staff my thanks. I didn’t get to meet with them, and don’t know who was part of Marlee’s care team, but I know it was a total team effort.

Marlee is a special dog. I adopted her after her first owners refused to take care of her serious illness. It turned out she was deaf and has chronic IBD. She is so amazingly loyal and loving. I have two other dogs whom adore her too. They were lost while Marlee was at VMSG and were thrilled to have her home. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I can’t stop telling my friends about VMSG. Last year, Dr. Ortega helped get Marlee healthy after a horrible bout of IBD, and Michelle was wonderful at communicating with me about her continuing care. The emergency earlier this month confirmed my deep appreciation for the care you provide. Your facility is amazing. If I ever needed critical care, I would hope to end up in a facility as good as VMSG, only with a bed instead of a cage. I also deeply appreciate the time you all spent with me, your careful and thoughtful explanations of what was going on, and your honesty. You provided me with frank and accurate assessments of where Marlee was. You didn’t try to raise my spirits with false hopes. Your way of explaining everything was the perfect balance of compassion, facts, and concern. Your professionalism speaks for itself. I am sure you lose your patients from time to time; but I believe that any sick dog has the best possible chance at VMSG.

I have enclosed a couple of pictures of Marlee and my other two pups, Coki and Lobo. You can be sure that Dr. McFarlin of White’s Animal Hospital and I will get them directly to VMSG if they ever need the incredible specialists that you all are.

Best regards, Georgene Vair

To the Doctors and Staff,

Thank you for the care and kindness you gave to Buffie over the last 2 years. We are very grateful for all the help and compassion you provided both to us and Buffie.

Pam and Peter Simon

Dr. Thompson & Staff,

It has been a little over one year since Rocky was diagnosed with IMHA. The first couple of months were very scary, we were not sure if she was going to make it. Due to the great care and compassion we received from the doctors at VMSG, Rocky is doing amazingly well. You would never know she was so sick. Thank you so much for all you have done. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again, Rocky, Chuck & Lori

Dear Dr. Ortega, Michelle and Staff of VMSG,

Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. We are celebrating an anniversary too. Last May we rushed my Bouvier Des Flandres, Dugan, to your facility with a severe case of congestive heart failure (thanks to Dr.Smith of Carpentaria for spotting it and coming in on a Sunday evening!). Thanks to the efforts of you and your staff, my dog made it through those first critical days… And now, we’ve just celebrated his one-year anniversary since his diagnosis!!

At every step of the way, everyone at VMSG kept me up to speed, never rushed me when I needed more information and always greeted us as if genuinely happy to see the dog improving. I am truly grateful to you, Dr. Ortega, Michelle Rice and all the dedicated staffers at the facility. Because of your care, Dugan has been able to enjoy one more year – and counting, of happy walks, yummy cookies, and playtime with his canine pals. May VMSG have many more years of being able to bring this joy to others… And to ease the difficult times for those less fortunate.

Sincerely, Lauri Turner

Thank you for the excellent job you did on Kiwi’s TPLO surgery last year, and subsequent removal of her hardware. We followed the post surgical instructions to the best of our ability, and Kiwi is doing very well now.

I had accepted the idea that Kiwi might be finished with her competitive Agility career, we were just thrilled that at 10 years old she could join us for beach walks again. Kiwi has never been one to sit quietly on the sidelines, and she persisted in convincing me to let her try her athletic activities once again. Very gradually we helped Kiwi improve her fitness and muscle strength through careful conditioning, and we took many months to ease Kiwi into some low-level Agility practices just to make her happy. Kiwi was doing so well and was really enjoying getting to play the game again we realized that she is feeling as good as she did before her CCL tear.

Kiwi is going to the 2006 USDAA Agility National Championships in Scottsdale, Arizona in November. I never thought this would be a possibility for us a year ago, but Kiwi is a tough cookie and really wanted to return to the sport she loves and excels in. Here are a few photos of Kiwi from an Agility trial in June 2006; you can see how great she looks today. Look how high her back end is over a few of the jumps! She is focused, runs the courses quickly, and loves to compete. I am thrilled to have Kiwi back as my partner again and she is much happier too.

Thank you for all that you did for us!!
Anne Swan, Kiwi and Zip

Thank you for your excellent and thoughtful care. Where would I be without your help?

Oliver Smith

Thank you for providing such expert and compassionate care for Nemo. We truly appreciate your generous efforts and would like to thank your wonderful staff.

We know that Nemo will continue to have the best life possible through your medical expertise.

With our sincere gratitude,
Shannon, John, Matt, CCSPCA Volunteers & Nemo

Your wonderful care for 11 days proved to be exactly what he needed to come home. You are all the best.

The McGaws

Our family can’t speak highly enough about VMSG and Dr. Holsworth. Although it’s a long and difficult process we went through everyone was so wonderful to us. Thanks again!

Heidi Larson

Our beloved dog Koko recently spent almost two weeks in ICU at your amazing facility after being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and megaesophagus. We would like to express our deepest gratitude not only for the quality of care she received, but also for the incredible kindness and patience we encountered at every visit. We especially thank your entire staff for the compassion shown to Koko while she was under your care. There were so many people helping with her case every day, and we apologize for not naming everyone.

Thank you to the helpful staff at the front desk who answered our numerous calls and helped us coordinate visits with Koko. Thank you to the tech staff who watched over Koko 24/7 administering meds, making sure she was fed and watered, and especially for giving her attention and making her comfortable at all times. Thank you to all the interns (Dr. Ma, Dr. Jensen, et al) who worked on her case, with special thanks to Dr. Hayles for talking us through a very scary episode one of her first nights home. Thank you to Dr. Scott who was Koko’s vet upon being admitted, and who first suspected Myasthenia Gravis. She was so kind in explaining the results of numerous tests. Thank you to Dr. Deppe for taking on the case for just a day during the holidays. He sat down with us and answered every question with such patience.

Thank you to Michelle Rose for her knowledge and compassion in dealing with our hundreds of questions, and always offering us the best of advice and a shoulder to lean on. Finally, our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Ortega and Dr. Thomson, whose experience and commitment is unsurpassed. The time and energy they gave to Koko, and to answering our questions and understanding our concerns, was truly amazing. Now that Koko is home, that care continues as Michelle and Dr. Ortega have answered numerous calls late at night and emails sent in a panic. We thank them for their patience and understanding. It is such a comfort to know that they are just a phone call away.

Your hospital offers the best veterinary care available because of your incredible staff, from the care each and every patient receives to the kindness shown to their humans who entrust their pets’ lives to you.

Sincerely, Koko and Family

These types of events are never easy to go through with your dogs, but if you ever need a specialty or emergency vet center, I highly recommend VMSG in Ventura, they are wonderful! They have a fantastic facility with the latest equipment, excellent surgeons and specialty vets, and a great staff too. The dogs get excellent care and are monitored 24 hours a day.

Anne Swan

My name is Opie. I was born in the fields in Ventura (very near to VMSG) to a feral mom in 1995, but found my forever home as a kitten. I love to “nurse” on my adopted Mommies’ ears and hug their necks. I have a chest full of rubber lizard toys that I play with every night. I also love to hunt in my backyard and sit in my catnip patch.

Late one summer night in 1997, I accidentally escaped through an upstairs window that was supposed to be closed. I was having so much fun cruising the neighborhood and checking my territory, that I didn’t even hear my Mommy calling for me. I was feeling so adventurous that I decided to cross the busy street behind our house. The next thing I knew, there was a loud screeching noise, a car engine speeding off, and me lying in the middle of the road in a lot of pain.

My Mommy must have heard this happen as she had been out looking for me because only a minute later, she was gently picking me up and running back toward the house. I let out many painful wails even though I could hardly breathe. Before I knew it we were rushing to the Pet Emergency Hospital.

The impact with the car dislocated my left hip, completely fractured my upper right arm, and caused a large tear in my diaphragm allowing my internal organs to compress my bruised lungs. I was scared and I hurt everywhere. They let my Mommies come back and see me in my oxygen chamber and all I wanted to do was just get out of this scary place and go home. They were crying and talking to the doctors but then they left.

The next day, they came back, much to my relief. However, I was in so much pain that it was hard to be excited. Before I knew it, we were back in the car. We only drove for a couple of minutes, but being out of my oxygen chamber made the few breaths I could take extremely hard. Then they were rushing me into a new scary place and I was placed in a thing called an incubator. I had arrived at the Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group.

There, I had my very own sweet intern to sit next to my incubator and make sure I was keeping my nose in the oxygen cone. I was to have surgery that ay to repair my diaphragm. My broken limbs would have to wait as they were not life threatening.

Dr. Kenneth Bruecker saved my life that day! He and his talented and caring staff gave me back my life. My Mommy says he saved her heart that day, too. In the following days, he repaired my arm with rods and pins and he repaired my hip by removing the head of my femur and creating a “floating” hip. I was kept very comfortable because of their care and pain medication.

After eight days of their wonderful care, I was able to go home! It was a very long road back to health, but with lots of rest, physical therapy, intensive care, and love, I healed. On one of my check-ups with Dr. Bruecker he was so pleased to see that I was walking and more so that even the nerve damage in my arm had been completely resolved!

It felt like a miracle, but it was all due to their being the most wonderful people in this world. These dedicated heroes help and save animals lives, and in turn, help their people.

Today I am 13 years old, have the spunk and vigor of a kitten, and still rule my domain. Words and meows cannot express the gratitude and thanks that I and my Mommies feel for having been given my life back. I am a happy, breathing, and walking example that life is very precious. The incredible people who work so tirelessly to help even the smallest creatures, are forever in our hearts and deserve the world in appreciation and gratitude.Thank you for my life!

Opie Dake

NOTE: Opie was diagnosed with probable metastatic cancer in 4/2009 and his family made the selfless decision to let him go. He was a very special kitty and will be missed; our hearts go out to his family during this difficult time.