Paraprofessional Staff

The Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group is composed of nine board certified specialists, nine interns, two staff veterinarians and over 90 paraprofessionals that allow VMSG to provide specialty veterinary care that is incomparable in quality and service. In order to provide the highest quality of medical care, we believe in an integrated team approach. Our dedication and combined talents, skills, and knowledge allow us to provide the best medical, surgical, and critical care available in veterinary medicine.

We have a high level of expectation in our staff and the service we provide. As a VMSG employee, we expect levels beyond the ordinary in areas of Quality, Compassion, Integrity, and Service. Unlike nurses at traditional veterinary clinic, the VMSG nurses are required to receive extensive and specialized training to provide quality care to our animal patients.

At VMSG we have five levels of paraprofessional staff. The first, the Animal Caretaker, provides for the comfort of all our patients, and are able to advance to nursing after undertaking training. The Animal Caretaker is competent at basic patient monitoring, housekeeping, and assisting the doctors and nurses. Level One Nurses are familiar with various tasks performed throughout the hospital. The Level One Nurse is responsible for the basic care of the patients as well as for some fundamental treatments and diagnostic tests ordered by the specialists or interns. Level Two nurses are proficient with tasks performed in the treatment room, radiology, medicine, ward, and laboratory. The Level Two Nurse is trained and able to work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The Level Three Nurse of our Paraprofessional Staff is at the level of a Registered Veterinary Technician. They are fully trained and able to work in any area throughout the hospital, including monitoring critical anesthesia and administering chemotherapeutics.

Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs), are licensed and regulated to administer advanced medical services, such as anesthesia and suturing, are employed by VMSG to provide superior care to our patients. RVTs are supervised by The Veterinary Medical Board, and must complete a rigorous training program in order to obtain their credentials.

Our Managers

The administration of VMSG relies on a group of highly qualified individuals, each with extensive management training and experience.

Tania Ruiz
Hospital Director
Diane Lara
Hospital Manager
Aron OppligerAron Oppliger
Technician Manager
Margie Wilkins
Client Service Supervisor

Dan Rose
Facilities Manager