About Us

The Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group (VMSG) is a network of world-class veterinary specialty centers, specifically designed to enhance and strengthen the care provided by your pet’s regular veterinarian. VMSG is staffed with the highest nurse-to-patient ratio possible, and boasts board-certified specialists, staff doctors with advanced training, highly qualified intern doctors, and accomplished paraprofessionals. The expertise and knowledge of our staff, combined with the cutting-edge technology in place at VMSG, provides specialty care unsurpassed in quality or service. VMSG’s unique structure and culture results in a synergy between various specialties and provides a team approach of the best minds in each arena on every case.

Our specialists are uniquely positioned to offer advanced veterinary care using the latest developments in equipment, diagnostics, surgical instrumentation and technical knowledge.


Dr. Kenneth Bruecker (founder and president) began providing surgical specialty care in Ventura County in 1988. The addition of other specialties has allowed VMSG to grow to a staff of 85 doctors and paraprofessionals.

Founded with a vision of providing the highest possible standard of care in veterinary medicine and surgery, the VMSG philosophy has resulted in an unparalleled level of quality and medical treatment. Our doctors and technicians provide expert medical care to ensure our patients receive the treatment and care they deserve.

In April of 2005, VMSG opened the doors to its new 16,000 square foot specialty center in Ventura, California.